The Life Cycle Of Vintage

Hope you've all been well! With the warmer months upon us in NYC, I've been going through and making sure all my summer wardrobe is repaired and tailored properly (which is quite a task). Every once in a while I have a dress come to me that I know it's not repairable, and is in fact on it's last leg. This breaks my heart. I love vintage because if you take care of it well, it will last a really long time. Sometimes though, this isn't the case and a piece shatters after you launder it or the fabric cannot withstand regular wear.
-That's the case with this gorgeous piece. I absolutely adore this dress, I picked it up for under $20 at Beacons Closet. It definitely had issues when I bought it but I didn't care because it was my size, gorgeous, and deserved at least one more wear in the spotlight. Since purchasing it, I've worn it out three times and every time I wear it I can tell it's disintegrating a little more every time. A rip here in the skirt, a fray there under the arm, and even though it's literally falling apart on my back, I still get so many compliments on it. 

If I could personify myself in a dress, this is as close as I've gotten thus far. It's my favorite in my closet and if it were in mint condition I would wear it all the time.  The really terrible part is that the seams are all strong and it's lined really well but the fabric itself is shattering and ripping. I'm not sure if there's anything that can be done for that. I'm debating trying to wear is as long as possible or doing a water photo shoot in it and say farewell. 
What should I do???

Photography by Toni Skotcher Photography

Outfit Details:
Vintage Dress: Beacons Closet
Vintage Lucite Clutch: Flea market find.
Black Heels: TJ Maxx
Drop Earrings: Tarina Tarantino from Slapback NYC



Perhaps Spring

Do you guys ever wear colors together that in your head you think probably (definitely) clash but you don't care and love them anyway? That's kind of how I feel about this outfit. In my mind the red and green Christmas alarm is going off but the patterns throw an unexpected eccentric quality into the mix. Oh well, I love it! 

Plaid Swing Coat: Vintage
Red/Black Skirt and Top: Slapback NYC
Hat: Vintage
Shoes: Rainbow
Black Vinyl Bag: Vintage
Earrings: Retro Kitten Designs
Leather Gloves: Laura's Vintage

Photography by the lovely Toni of Toni Skotcher Photography. She's running a special for April 9th for Spring Mini Sessions! Be sure to email her at and check her out on IG @toniskotcherphotography!

What do you guys think of my color and pattern mish-mash? What colors are you most excited about for spring? Do you mix patterns? 


Falling for Forties

Hi All! Still trying to get all the scheduling kinks out for the blog. I've been running around a lot regarding job things and pre-Viva things and just life in NYC in general. Hoping to get to more regular posting soon! 
I wanted to share these gorgeous shots I did with Toni of Toni Skotcher Photography. I adore this dress so much I want everything made in this exact cut for the rest of my life

I did a little decade mixing here and there with this outfit. The turban, dress, and bag (lizard I think?) are all from the 40s. The cape and gloves are 60s, the shoes are 80s, and the celluloid hat pin is 30s. I LOVE the way they all go together. 

I did a little decade mixing here and there with this outfit. The turban, dress, and bag (lizard I think?) are all from the 40s. The cape and gloves are 60s, the shoes are 80s, and the celluloid hat pin is 30s. I LOVE the way they all go together. 

I have a massive love of browns, ambers, and neutrals. I don't know if many others share my love but that is just fine with me. [more for meeee!] Lately I've been much more focused on solid colors and simple patters to create a more accessible wardrobe, but I have a feeling once summer starts I will be back on the novelty frenzy –as per usual.

40s Dress: Online through a friend
Turban: The Girl With The Star Spangled Heart
Celluloid Hat Pin: Etsy
60s Cape: Laura's Vintage
80s Suede Shoes: Laura's Vintage
60s Gloves: Laura's Vintage
Clamper Bracelet: Etsy, similar here
Amber Screwback Earrings: Laura's Vintage

What are you all feeling lately? Noticing and style changes now that spring is officially here???


Viva's A Comin'

YOU GUYS. Viva Las Vegas is almost here! I wanted to share some images I snapped at the car show last year. Spot and familiar faces?!?! <3

I'm starting to get really excited for this year! I wasn't even sure I was going because of job things but I decided to take a leap and go because I knew I'd regret it a ton if I didn't. Can't wait to drink and dance and laugh with friends! Have you guys been? What's your favorite thing about Viva?


Glamour Daydream

One of my favorite things is when it's the weekend, I have nowhere to be before 1pm, and I can have a lovely relaxed morning. It's one of the ultimate luxuries to me because it almost never happens these days. There's always one thing or another I'm rushing off too, and much more now since Viva Las Vegas will be here in less than a month and a half (eek!). 
When I'm home, one of my favorite things to do is read through my growing vintage/fashion book collection. I received Dita Von Teese's new book, Your Beauty Mark as a Christmas gift and I adore it. I was also really touched that my family was so excited about gifting it to me, it was really thoughtful.

Dita Vin Teese You Beauty Mark_Aly Rose Vintage

Needless to say, Dita's now bestselling book (currently at No. 6 on the NY Times list!) lives up to expectations of fans worldwide. I really like that she openly discusses many things, as her glamorous life is a dedication of hard work. I've always really appreciated that she has continuously made a point of saying that glamour is an artifice and is created. Since reading her book I've been trying to adopt this theory more in my daily life by styling my hair every day, putting (even more) effort into my outfits, wearing my hat collection more, even using my fancy vintage dishes for meals more often.  

Dita Von Teese Your Beauty Mark Aly Rose Vintage 2

I decided to pop some bubbly and use my vintage 1920s champagne glasses. Why not! It's brunch right?

Dita Von Teese Your Beauty Mark Aly Rose Vintage 3
Dita Von Teese Your Beauty Mark Aly Rose Vintage 4
Dita Von Teese Your Beauty Mark Aly Rose Vintage 5

I'm wearing a positively gorgeous 1940s lounge jacket and pants set I got for a great deal at the Pier Antiques Show, which I believe has been taken over by another group going forward. Our sofa is actually a futon from Walmart believe it or not. The sofa I really want is almost 2k and with our dog I'm not ready to take that financial risk knowing she would probably ruin it in 6 months haha.  

A massive thank you to Toni of Toni Skotcher Photography for photographing. <3


Dressed Up Daywear

Here is a throwback post to this Fall when I had copper hair and shot with my friend Vlad, on a gorgeous day in Brooklyn. This is my first suit I've ever owned, and I got it for a song on Etsy. It's quite perfect for fall and early spring as it's a wool tweed so it's a little warm, and on this particular day it was quite hot! I couldn't wear the jacket for long. At this point I have four suits and I love them all so much. I think it's safe to say it's now an addiction! 

Outfit Details:
Hat: Vintage 1950s from Laura's Vintage
Blouse: Choies
Skirt/Jacket: Suit on Etsy. Similar here
Bag: Vintage 60s from Laura's Vintage
Shoes: Ellen Tracy via TJ Maxx

I just love how cinematic these photos came out! A huge thanks to Vlad for shooting with me that day! Please go check out more of his work here. How are you guys feeling now that the weather is getting cooler? I've been living in turbans and fleece lined tights. –Trying to go through my closet and do a bit of organizing but it's proving to be a rather daunting task! 


Travel by Tweed

I hope you guys had a great weekend! Mine was really busy, I did makeup and hair for a client for a 6 hour shoot and then was way too tired on Sunday to do anything buy wake up late and get a coffee and visit my friend Renee over at Slapback in Williamsburg, than go work on a new editorial calendar for the blog. I really wanted to go to the Brooklyn Tweed Ride but I was too tired, everyone looked so great though!

I wanted to share this photo that my friend Joe B. over at Victory Productions made for me from a shoot we did a while back! He made it look like an older travel postcard and included the details of the set that was created for me. How cool does it look?!?

The tweed full circle skirt and continental neck tie are from a vintage tweed I bought on Etsy. The seller told me it was made by a master needlewoman in Ireland, which is amazing. I still have some fabric left over so I think I will use some to coordinate a hat of some kind, or if I'm feeling a little enthusiastic, a short capelet jacket (whaaaat). 
The set was made for me by my friend Viva, of Sparkle Designs By Vivia. She's so talented and is always up for any crazy idea I have, so a big thanks to Vivia for always helping me to look and feel so fashionable! Aside from the skirt and tie set, everything else I'm wearing is also vintage 50s apart from the shoes which are Donna Karan. 

Speaking of Ireland, I hope if any of you are able, you'll go and see the movie Brooklyn in theaters. I went with some girlfriends this past Friday and we all really enjoyed it. It's the story of a young Irish woman named Ellis (pronounced A-lish) who moves to America to pursue more opportunities than her small Irish town can offer her. She feels so alone and far away until she meets a young Italian man named Tony (dimples!). A tragedy happens and she's called back to Ireland and becomes torn between her old home and new. I didn't read the book but I did really enjoy the movie. I may go again with the boyfriend and see it once more in theaters. 
Check out the trailer! 

I hope you are able to go see it! Let me know if you like it! What other films are you all wanting to see? I'm really looking forward to seeing The Dressmaker with Kate Winslet and The Danish Girl


Fashion Fixation: Cate Blanchett as Lady Tremaine

Okay so let's just put this out there– I own the new Cinderella movie on iTunes. Fact. 
I've also probably watched it at least half a dozen times already. Also a fact. However, the real reason I own this movie is not because I like the story or I like Cinderella's (albeit lovely) dress, it's because I'm obsessed with Cate Blanchett as Lady Tremaine. She is a 1940s vision and I want to live in that costume wardrobe for the rest of my days. Really! Let's take a look:

Aly Rose Vintage Fashion Fixation Cinderella Lady Tremaine

Perfectly coiffed, expertly tailored, rich jewel tones, there is nothing about this I don't like. Plus the chartreuse/acid green she wears mainly in the film is amazingly electric. I almost wish I had gone with a strawberry blonde instead of black hair just so I could wear these colors! Let's take a look at some of the styles that obviously inspired Lady Tremaine's costumes. 

This amazing hat looked so similar to this still of Gene Tierney for the 40s film 'Laura' (which is great and on Netflix and you should watch it!). I actually recently acquired a hat of this shape for a steal but I haven't quite figured out what to wear it with yet. 

This amazing hat looked so similar to this still of Gene Tierney for the 40s film 'Laura' (which is great and on Netflix and you should watch it!). I actually recently acquired a hat of this shape for a steal but I haven't quite figured out what to wear it with yet. 

This blouse is a very elegant 1940s cut. I adore anything with balloon sleeves, though they seem to be rather hard (and typically expensive) for me to find, at least in my size. –Maybe I'll find a sewing pattern like this 1940s McCall 6475!

This blouse is a very elegant 1940s cut. I adore anything with balloon sleeves, though they seem to be rather hard (and typically expensive) for me to find, at least in my size. –Maybe I'll find a sewing pattern like this 1940s McCall 6475!

The hats! The HATS! I love them all. I mean who doesn't want a massive brim to compliment a mischievous smirk? Joan Crawford (pictured right) was in on it! Though that picture is actually from the 30s I believe.

The hats! The HATS! I love them all. I mean who doesn't want a massive brim to compliment a mischievous smirk? Joan Crawford (pictured right) was in on it! Though that picture is actually from the 30s I believe.

What do you guys think? Am I the only only one so obsessed over her looks? I found it actually quite inspirational to put a 'bad' character in so much color. I feel like since dyeing my hair black, as well as the cooler weather, I'm naturally gravitating towards dark colors. Maybe I'll go find some chartreuse now!


The New England Shake Up: Car Show

I had such a great time at The New England Shake Up this year that I basically completely forgot to take pictures! Whomp... Anywhoo! At least I remembered to take some shots at the car show on Saturday with Toni of Toni Skotcher Photography! There were quite a few gorgeous cars at the show.

A huge thanks to Mr. Jaime Cardillo for letting me take some shots in his beautiful automobile! He told me he put a lot of work into the car, and I wanted to say how beautiful I thought it was. It definitely stood out (which is hard to do!), so thank you again!

There were some great vendors at the car show as well! My friend Julie Mollo was there vending away! I had to stop by. She just launched her fall collection called Collegiate Swag. It's completely adorable and I'm in love with everything. I picked up the adorable letterman cardigan at the launch party and it's perfection. I'm plotting for the retroversible tent dress next.  

I hope everyone that was able to go to the Shake Up had an amazing time. And a huge thank you again to Beck for putting on a great weekender for the third year in a row! It was a blast and I haven't danced (and drank) that much in a long long time! Let's do it again next year! Check out the details for year four at

Aly Rose Vintage New England Shake Up 2015

Outfit Details:
Dress: Pin Up Girl Clothing
Shoes: Bordello
Bag: Vintage 1950s vinyl bag
Hat: Vintage from Laura's Vintage
Cardigan: Vintage
Earrings: Luxulite


Secondhand Velvet

Fall gets me every time. The colors, the fabrics, so glamorous! I've really been trying to dress myself in a way that makes me happy and also makes a statement. I have so many gorgeous things in my closet and it's really a shame when they don't get their moments in the spotlight. I guess I'm more of the 'use it or lose it' mentality when it comes to my collection. -At least I'm trying to be! In September I worked with photographer Vlad Kfrg while shooting a luxurious ensemble. I adore this look so much, I felt like a million dollars. I think it shows!

Velvet Paisley Dress: Thrifted at Goodwill (tailored into a wiggle dress)
Mink Stole: Ebay
Brooch: Laura's Vintage
Shoes: Frye, bought secondhand from Crossroads Trading Co

Almost all of this outfit is secondhand! How about that! haha. 
Sometimes I forget what I have for a few months and then it all comes together when you get the little things! The stole and the brooch really make the statement. So happy with these images! Thanks again to Vlad, can't wait to work with you again!


Fall-ing In Love

Now that it's finally fall temperatures in NYC, I'm thoroughly excited to bring my fall wardrobe out and show it off! A couple times I jumped the gun and wore a warmer fabric and tights when I thought it'd be a cool day, only to have it go up to 80 degrees. It was... bad. But now that the temperatures are properly becoming fall-outfit-friendly, I'm plotting some really fun new shoots! Take a look at my little fall mood board:

Aly Rose Vintage Fall Inspiration

I'm loving matched wool sets. I finally just got my first vintage wool suit set, and it fits like a dream. I've also just had an amazing tweed skirt and continental neck tie set custom made with a vintage Irish tweed and it's divine. I cannot wait to photograph it! Not to mention all the beautiful dramatic hats, color coordinating gloves, and luxurious fabrics we get to wear! Velvet anyone?

-Really, I tend to go over the top with my love of dramatic fall outfits but hey, I love dressing up and making my mark on the world. I made this funny little meme this other day as a joke, but really you should see some of the looks I get from the 'Pumpkin Spice' girls! No offense meant to them (do your thing girl) but personally, I don't need to be judged by a person that thinks leggings are pants... 

Aly Rose Vintage Ready For Fall

In other news! I'm really excited to start up a new weekly post I'm working on called Hatter-Day! It stemmed from my love of hats and my growing collection. I am very new to the knowledge of vintage hats and I'm hoping you all will be interested in following along as I learn and research some amazing pieces that span from text books, magazines, and other sources (including my own collection!). I'm also going to be starting to use the hashtag #hatterdaysaturday on my social posts and I'd love you all to join in! Let's bring hats back!

aly rose vintage hatterday saturday

I'm excited! Are you guys excited!?! Now please excuse me while I go in the corner and eat a dozen cider donuts. 


Once More Adrift

"Once more adrift.
O'er dappling sea and broad lagoon,
O'er frowning cliff and yellow dune,
The long, warm lights of afternoon
Like jewel dustings sift..."
- Excerpt from 'The Mariner' by Emily Pauline Johnson

Photography by Toni Skotcher Photography

Vintage cowichan sweater from L Train Vintage


Golden-Mod and Decade Jumping

One thing I struggle with in my vintage collection is feeling like I'm stuck in one decade. I love so many periods in history and I'd love to explore them all, but it's extremely daunting for several reasons. One being how could I possibly retain all the historical information for so many time periods? -Maybe it makes sense for sequential decades like 40s-60s, but what if you're curious about colonial American fashion as well as the 1920's? Most times I just stay in my little comfort bubble of the 50s, but more and more these days I feel like I want to learn about everything.

Lately I've been trying to test out more 60s looks, and gosh, just the hair style difference had me sweating a little bit! You should have seen how many '60's hair flip' youtube videos I watched! It was challenging because my hair is cut in a shoulder length 50's middy and not all one length like the 60s flip. Regardless, it was a blast to shoot with Vintage Touch by Mark C. and I'm totally feeling this 60s look!

Dress -Vintage 1950s gold lurex wiggle dress from Laura's Vintage
Gloves -Vintage 1960s gold lurex gloves
Hat -Vintage 1960s mod velour hat
Earrings -Vintage clip on emerald earrings
Shoes -BAIT Footwear

What do you all think about decade jumping in the world of vintage fashion? To start collecting a different decade is really daunting to someone like me who is just starting to think she has a little bit of a grip on midcentury. I'm interested to know what you all think!


Ocean Waves

Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time.
— H.P. Lovecraft

Photography by Toni of Toni Skotcher Photography.

Outfit Details:
Cotton Day Dress -1950s vintage. Similar here.
Yellow scarf -Thrifted vintage. Similar here.
White wicker bag with shell beach scene -1950s vintage. Similar here. 
Seashell earrings -Vintage. Similar here.
Crab brooch -Vintage. Same here. 

Heart Killer

This summer I shot a set with the amazingly talented Michi, of Studio Rezin located in Brooklyn NY. I initially fell head over heels for her work with my friend Desiree over at Pop-O-Matic Deluxe!. I had this jade sequin dress that in reality is too large for me and I should sell it, but first I wanted to shoot an amazing set that just steamed with glamour. Michi was really excited about the idea of a cabaret lounge singer, and I couldn't be happier what the results!

I can't explain how much I love this set. It has to be my favorite to date! I really want to shoot with Michi again, she is great to work with and oh-so talented. :)

Outfit Details:
Dress -Vintage late 1950s
Earrings -H&M
Nails -Shellac™ Brand 14 Day Nail Color in Mint Convertible


Comin' Home Baby

I was on Governors Island with Toni a couple weeks ago, basking in the warm weather. I love to just walk around the grounds and look at the buildings on the island. When I was little, if there was a building I liked the look of, I would imagine I lived there. (Ok, I obviously still do that.) What can I say, I'm a sucker for a good staircase. 

Outfit Details:
Hat, Dress, Train Case -All vintage 1950's
Shoes -Arris Allen via
Sunglasses -from Buffalo Exchange
Magnolia Hair Comb -NicCoCo Creations

Beach Bound | Winding Down

My gosh, how fast did this summer do by?!?! I can't believe it's already September. I'm not super upset, because I adore autumn (even though I do not partake in Pumpkin Spice Lattes). I couldn't let the warm weather pass without busting out this beach set, made by my amazingly talented friend Vivia of Sparkle Designs by Vivia
She custom made this set and it was rather perfectly my size, I just had to have it. Now, if anyone knows me personally, they know I do not wear shorts. This set is so mega adorable though, my normal rules do not apply. Toni and I made a break for Coney Island! <3

Bag: Vintage 1950's Wicker Purse (similar)
Shoes: On sale through PLNDR
Play Suit: Custom by Sparkle Designs by Vivia
Sunglasses: Beacons Closet 



Bad Habit

A few weeks ago I photographed with the talented Mark of Vintage Touch by Mark C. I loved the idea of an early 60s look that had a bit of a sassy Betty Draper feel. I feel like it's hard to be mysterious in the daylight, and she carried it off so well...

That poor girl. She doesn’t know that loving you is the worst way to get to you.
— Betty Draper

Bus Ride

The MTA had a little event on Governors Island this summer where they were showcasing their vintage 1950s buses, so naturally we had to go check them out! Photographed by the lovely Toni of Toni Skotcher Photography

My gorgeous vintage dress was a find on a girls' trip to the Berkshires. Shoes are from Aldo, and my gloves/train case/hat are all vintage second hand finds. 


Spring Coats and Pinwheels

A few months ago, my friend Toni of Toni Skotcher Photography and I decided to go visit my college campus, Pratt Institute. They have these amazing pinwheels made of discarded license plates titled 24M by L.A. based artist Michael Kalish. We couldn't resist taking some pictures among them. 

vintage coat aly rose vintgage
vintage coat aly rose vintage

Isn't my coat amazing? It was a find at Beacon's Closet for about $30 if I remember correctly. I just adore the collar and buttons on this coat. It has a great linear texture to it as well. I believe the white silk on the collar was added by one of the previous owners of the coat, but I love it. 

I can't quite remember where I got this vintage 1950's saucer hat from, but isn't is cute? Saucer hats are traditionally worn horizontally on top of the head, but I like to wear all my hats tilted. I know, look at me being all rebellious. I'm such a rule breaker...